A travelling mini-festival brings together young skiers and boarders for booze-fuelled fun – and the odd bit of skiing – in the Alps, US and Japan

Half-dazzled by spring sunshine, I’m standing halfway down a ski slope, the snow-choked ridges of western Austria’s Radstädter Tauern forming a sparkling, sawtoothed horizon. Downhill, a crowd of 100 or so lines an eight-metre-long pool of water in the snow. Among their drinking, dancing, whooping ranks are many who have already nailed this, my first-ever “pond skim”, on skis and snowboards – one dressed as Vegas-era Elvis, one as a plus-size sumo ballerina, another, mullet-wigged, in a black-tie/mankini hybrid he calls his “tuxspeedo”. And, as the DJ drops a funky groove and another champagne cork soars skywards, it’s my turn.

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Source: The Guardian

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