What is Pocket Wifi?

Want to share your travel experiences real time on Facebook and Instagram? Or do you need to make calls and send text messages while traveling in South Korea?

Among many options for you to gain access to mobile internet and stay connected in Korea, here we introduce you the two most popular mobile internet options: the prepaid SIM Card and the WiFi router or WiFi Egg, which are commonly used by travelers in Korea. See which option is ideal for you based on your needs and stay connected in mobile-friendly South Korea!

1. Prepaid SIM Card

Need to make voice calls and use mobile data & SMS? Purchase a prepaid SIM Card!

If you are a traveler who needs to make local and international calls and also wants to use mobile data and text while traveling in South Korea, purchasing a prepaid SIM card is a better option for you instead of WiFi router. EG SIM card is recommended as most the popular prepaid SIM card in Korea, which provides high quality voice calls and high speed mobile data and text everywhere in Korea. For details, click here.E_AbouEGSIMCard

Need a local Korean number? EG SIM card is what you are looking for.

Once you purchase the EG SIM card, you will receive a new local (Korean) phone number while using your own mobile phone. Therefore, the best thing about using EG SIM card is that you will be able to communicate with the locals and receive international calls as well! This is why the EG SIM card is ideal for travelers on a business trip or short sojourn who need to make local calls in Korea.

*Possible Downside

But keep in mind that since you will be using a new Korean number, you will have to go through the hassle to tell your friends, family and acquaintances back at home about your new number.apple-932128_1920.jpgFor those who don’t want to go through the hassle, here’s a small tip for you! Along with the mobile device that you are using right now, bring another one that you do not use anymore. Register and insert the SIM card in the old device and use the new Korean number. This way, you can easily make local calls by just using your old phone.

2. WiFi Router


Need to use loads of mobile data everyday? Rent a WiFi Egg!

If you are a traveler who does not need to use the voice calls and text messages but needs loads and loads of mobile data for surfing the internet and send large files of photos and videos online (and of course, avoid a bill shock from costly roaming service), using the WiFi router, or WiFi Egg, is highly recommended! For more details on WiFi Egg, click here.

Pocket-WiFi-Korea-LTEAccording to a research, the average daily usage of mobile data of travelers is 125MB/day. While the EG SIM card provides 1GB of mobile data and the 3G service for up to 30 days, the WiFi Egg provides 1GB a day.

For those who are wondering how much 1GB a day is, just think of it as sending/receiving 28,000 emails, shooting 2,000 Instagrams, or making 6,000 posts on Facebook. So if you think about using 1GB for 30 days, the amount of mobile data provided by EG SIM card is comparatively smaller than that of the WiFi Egg. If you are using the WiFi Egg, though 1GB is still a lot of data, try to avoid heavy downloading and uploading online because you do have to pay extra charges (US$ 0.02 / MB) when you exceed the data limit of 1GB.😉

Share WiFi with your travel buddies with WiFi Egg!

WiFi Egg can connect up to 5 people simultaneously, which makes it perfect for you if you’re traveling with friends and family or in a small group of buddies. If you do share the router with your friends, you can share the cost as well.

*Possible Downside

The battery life of the WiFi Egg lasts about 5-7 hours on a single full charge, which means that you have to carry around the battery charger when traveling. Plus, the battery life drains quicker when the WiFi Egg is used simultaneously. So make sure that you have an extra charger to charge the Wi-Fi router device.

3. Where & How To Purchase/Rent Sim Card or Wi-Fi Router

Travelers can purchase a prepaid SIM card online and then pick it up at places such as Incheon International Airport. If you want to save your time and stay connected as soon as you arrive at the airport, we advise you to purchase the sim card online via Trazy.

Those who don’t need to use any voice calls or SMS, but going to stay temporarily in Korea, data only plan is an ideal choice. Booking mobile data-only at a discount price is available here.IMG_3235.JPGOn the other hand, you’ll need to rent WiFi Egg since it’s a device. You have to pay 50 USD as a security deposit and 6 USD of rental fee per day. On the last day of your journey, you have to return it to the collection locations such as Incheon Int. Airport etc. For details and directions, click here.

Similar to the prepaid SIM card, it is advisable to rent WiFi Egg online in advance and then pick up the egg at the airport or have it delivered to your accommodation for free! For details, click here.
160408Now, which option would you like to use on your trip to South Korea: the prepaid SIM card or the WiFi Egg?

What is FLINK?

FLINK offers convenient and affordable services for people who don’t want to miss the comfort of mobile WiFi access during their travels. Based in Vienna, Austria, we provide rentable mobile WiFi hotspots including unlimited data usage at fair daily rates.

With the FLINK International Hotspot you can travel and stay connected in over 100 countries worldwide without worrying about roaming charges or the hassle of swapping local SIM cards. International Hotspots are delivered worldwide and simply returned after the rental period by post or our global logistic partner FedEx.

Product Features


Book a FLINK Hotspot and have it delivered within 1–3 business days (to most countries). Take it with you wherever you go.


Connect your devices to the FLINK Hotspot and enjoy a full-speed, unlimited connection during your travels


Use the FLINK Hotspot to explore incredible sights, search for the best places to eat, catch up on emails and to share your experiences with family and friends.


For families, colleagues and group of friends travelling together, share one FLINK Hotspots connection with up to 5 devices at the same time.


At the end of your rental period, return the FLINK Hotspot in the envelope included in your order via post or FedEx (find details on shipping options in the booking process).


FLINK is based in Vienna and are here to provide worldwide direct support for your internet needs during your travels around the world.

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