An affordable hotel in the heart of Soho is bound to be a winner but, despite all the cafes and bars on the doorstep, our writer would still like a cuppa in her room

I’ve never had much desire to swing a cat – a literal feline or the nautical nine-tailed whip – which is as well as there’d be no room for doing either in our bedroom at Mimi’s Soho. But then this new hotel is on buzzy Frith Street, with myriad entertainment options within metres of its door. Even inveterate moggy botherers would probably agree location wins out over space here.

The former bar and nightclub was taken over in 2014 by German property firm Land Union, which spent three years gutting the Soho townhouse – next door to the beautifully tiled Dog and Duck pub on the corner of Bateman Street – and fitting in 58 bedrooms across six floors. That feat was achieved not only by erring on the bijou side when it came to room size but by dispensing, in more than half them, with that popular feature known as a window.

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Source: The Guardian

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