The origins of the island’s coiled ensaïmadas Mallorquina are unknown – is it Moorish, is it Jewish? Well, it can come with pumpkin jam or spicy sausage and is certainly moreish

At Palma airport, sharp-eyed visitors may be perplexed by the mysterious hexagonal boxes many people are carrying. They’re not for odd-shaped hats, but ensaïmadas Mallorquina, the Balearic island’s unique pastry.

This spiral of dough is thought to date back to the 17th century when it was fiesta food, but its exact origins are unknown. Some people believe its coiled shaped was inspired by Moorish turbans, or that it has Jewish roots, influenced by the Sephardic pastry bulemas, even though it contains lard, or saïm, which gives it its name.

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Source: The Guardian

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