The capital of Malaysian Borneo is one of Asia’s most alluring cities, with fabulous food and new hotels, but little traffic and few high-rises to spoil the laid-back vibe

Just as Penang was swiftly transformed into one of Asia’s hottest destinations a few years ago, the buzz in Malaysia right now is all about another under-the-radar spot, the little-known city of Kuching, riverside capital of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. There are several theories as to how the city got its name (Kuching is “cat” in Malay), but its roots are as a trading post, built up by the family of Sir James Brooke, the first of the “white rajahs” who ruled Sarawak for a century. When I first visited 20 years ago, Kuching was a backwater, where tourists would hardly break their journey on their way to trek in Borneo’s rainforests and national parks.

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Source: The Guardian

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