Hull is seizing the chance to show off its cultural hotspots – and appetite for a party. Our writer rejoices at her home town’s newfound cool, and lists the best places to eat, drink, stay and shop

I’ve often fantasised about coming from somewhere cool: Brighton, say, or Liverpool, even Newcastle. Saying you’re from Hull usually gets blank or pitying looks. Vice magazine last year called it a “glum port town falling apart at the seams”. Its post-war centre is, at first glance, admittedly soulless, the main roads leading to it remarkable only for graffiti and boarded-up shopfronts.

But my fantasy could become reality as Hull reinvents itself this year as UK City of Culture. The point of the designation goes way beyond putting on lots of cool arts events; the festivities have the potential to change the city, in concrete ways (literally – in a staggering amount of building and refurbishment) and in how it is seen locally and by the rest of the world.

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Source: The Guardian

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