Lawrence Osborne revels in the anarchic spirit of a Thai city that is Blade Runner made real and where mobile bars and food vendors pop up overnight

Bangkok may be the most-visited city on Earth, but it remains one of the least-known to outsiders. In the grip of a property bubble and construction explosion, it moves faster than any eye can cope with. Even when I return from a three-week trip abroad, the perceptible changes around me are not particularly subtle. The condo tower being built next to my own will have risen several metres, suddenly altering my views, and the little white house that stood for years in a garden of flowering dipterocarpus trees has suddenly disappeared under hammer blows and wrecking drills, to be replaced by a hole filled with water where egrets play. The landscape shifts literally from day to day, from week to week, like sand being carved by sea.

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Source: The Guardian

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