Known, fittingly, as ‘ice leg’ in German – it can look a bit anaemic – this pickled and boiled meat dish is a big favourite with locals and the odd visiting celeb

It ranges in colour from bright pink to blanched, and usually comes with a scoop of green mush. Eisbein, or boiled and cured pork knuckle, may not sound very appetising, but in Berlin it’s a beloved traditional feast.

Around Germany, pork knuckle is known as schweinshaxe and is usually roasted, coming out with a crispy skin. But that’s a far cry from how it’s served in Berlin – which in truth does not look all that appetising: a paleish pink hock on a scruffy bed of sauerkraut (the name eisbein, which means “ice leg” definitely fits). But eaten with pea purée and a squirt of good mustard, it’s a delightful combination: rich, tender and salty, and as hedonistic as Berlin itself.

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Source: The Guardian

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