The Britain on Film project has added a Coast and Sea collection, giving access to a treasure trove of online movies from holiday locations around the country

When I was a boy we would soak old family postcards to get the stamps off, then chuck the card in the bin. Who would want them? Nor have many holiday photographs survived, the few that have are all the more treasured: the great aunts on the razz in Mablethorpe in 1933 is one. As for film, that would be wonderful, but there is none.

Fortunately, other people did take footage of their summer holidays; some of those films have survived and have now been gathered together by the British Film Institute (BFI) in a glorious digitised blitz of blistering skin, melting ice-creams and men in waistcoats and baggy trousers digging sandcastles. It doesn’t matter if these nameless people are not family. I know that their holidays were much like mine, and those of my ancestors.

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Source: The Guardian

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