Millions of Bangkokians rely on – and love – the city’s myriad street food stalls, but as the city ‘develops’, vendors who have plied their trade for decades could be priced out or forced to move

There’s a never-ending stream of customers outside Joke Samyan shophouse, all queuing patiently for a bag or two (or six) of jok, silken rice porridge dotted with the vendor’s signature fermented pork meatballs. But the future of one of Bangkok’s best-known street food vendors is in doubt as the Samyan area of south-central Bangkok gentrifies around it.

“We may have to move. We still don’t know,” says Nieb, the third generation of a family that has run Joke Samyan for the past 60 years. Neighbouring Chinese-Thai seafood restaurant Nakorn Pochana has already made plans to move to the suburbs, Joke Samyan is hoping its popularity will earn it a reprieve from its landlord, Chulalongkorn University, which has gradually been developing the area with condominiums and shops.

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Source: The Guardian

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