The opening of a striking new arts hub shows that creativity is alive and kicking in Ghana’s capital, where young creatives are building on the work of their internationally recognised forebears

Inside a warehouse, away from the honking tro-tros (commuter minibuses) and cars travelling past Accra’s sports stadium, preparations are underway for the opening of ANO, an arts hub. Light floods into the foyer through three huge windows. It’s currently bare, save for a burgundy Persian rug beneath a glass display table, but when it opens on 4 March, two days before Ghana marks 60 years of independence, ANO will become a home for the country’s creatives and artists.

Its first exhibition, Accra: Portraits of a City (until 1 April) charts the capital’s history from its colonial roots to busy metropolis through photographs, drawings, sculptures and installations.

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Source: The Guardian

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