Switzerland’s mountains are stunning but the art of the Giacometti family enriches the cultural landscape, too. With a retrospective of sculptor Alberto opening at Tate Modern next week, our writer tours the area that inspired him

Chugging to the Landwasser Viaduct through the village of Filisur on the Glacier Express, it’s hard not to laugh at the views. Switzerland is unbelievably good-looking. The vistas almost look fake – the lakes too scenic, the villages too chocolate-box. Even the goats look like they should have agents.

A country this beautiful is always going to be about the outdoors, but if you visit the region of Graubünden this summer (and more than 1 million people will, for the hiking, the biking, to swim in the lakes or dance at the festivals), make sure you don’t just stare at the mountains – Graubünden has a surprising art heritage, too.

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Source: The Guardian

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