Thanks to the new Winter Park Express you can now ski or board in one of Colorado’s snowiest resorts without having to hire a car. Sam Haddad and her young son ride the inaugural train

It’s 6.30am and I’m in downtown Denver dressed in full snowboard kit and my board under my arm. Queuing for coffee in the Great Hall of Union Station, I watch other skiers and snowboarders scurry past. It’s an incongruous sight given the grandeur of the setting. The terminal building was recently restored to its former beaux arts-style glory, with a giant art deco red neon sign, soaring ceilings, large arched windows, dark wooden benches and a terrazzo floor. There’s even an antique shuffleboard set up.

On the platform, we pass our boards and skis to the capped and suited guards, who are dressed like the Tom Hanks character in the Polar Express, before heading to the top deck of the inaugural Winter Park Express train, which started running last month. It has a snowplough at the front, but today we won’t need it. The sky is beautifully clear and as we set off on the 70-mile journey, the sun is rising over the city and painting the high rise-buildings a glowing salmon-pink.

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Source: The Guardian

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